The papers in this volume, derived from Quo Vadis international workshop held in Roma, Italy, in 2013, address the two major challenges facing the global economy: globalization and European structural crisis as well as examining the impact on the Italian economy. A host of experts drawn from international institutions, economic and political research centres, and leading economists provide a multidisciplinary perspective on the outlook of the world economy, taking into consideration factors such as the European crisis, capital and investment, financial markets, European energy and health systems. To supply this discourse the contributors closely examine the reginal policies of Europe, the United States, China, and the RMB, Russia, the Middle East, Morocco, Egypt and Italy, and also consider the role of the IMF, EIB, World Bank and WTO. The findings reflection on the challenges of long-term growth and suggest ways for sustainable economic and financial conditions in the future.

Quo Vadis provides a comprehensive analysis of the problems facing the global economy and is essential reading for scholars, researchers and policymakers.

Palgrave McMillan